SAM: Where do babies come from?
MARISSA: Different places. Basins, baskets, dumpsters. Anywhere, really.
SAM: Where did I come from?
MARISSA: A shoebox.
SAM: How did I get in the shoebox?
MARISSA: You grew in the shoebox, and then when it was time to come out, you cried.


A child is born in a shoebox. And in a laundry basket. And on a bookshelf. And one child is growing branches. Branches, a debut play from a new South African writer, witnesses one woman’s attempts at the impossible in a world where she is forbidden to be a mother, where young women are disappearing, and where an entire race is dissolving into extinction.


Written by Melonie Mazibuko
Directed and dramaturged by Jennifer Schlueter
Produced in workshop staging at Tristan Bates Theatre, London, UK in July 2014.
More information about the production is available here.

You can also read reviews of the piece here and here.

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© 2021 All Rights Reserved.