Lab Series

Through the Lab Series, I programmed, mentored, and presented more than 100 productions, the vast majority of which were brand new plays, devisings, solo performances, and art installations.


I founded the Lab Series in 2011 and produced it until 2019. The Lab Series was a student-driven, department-nurtured performance research laboratory in the Department of Theatre at Ohio State. Emphasis was on experiment over outcome, process over product.

Performances were always free, and each experiment had a two night run in a versatile black box space devoted to the Series. Each semester, I also mentored two undergraduate Production Managers and one undergraduate Technical Coordinator in their work facilitating the day to day operation and maintenance of the Series.

I am immensely proud of the 100+ works I mentored through the Lab Series from 2011-2019. Through that time, I witnessed students building their own work, taking creative risks, and finding their own approaches and aesthetics. Because I (and my Production Managers) ran rigorous post-show conversations grounded in Liz Lerman‘s critical response process after most of the performances, I was also delighted to see an articulate, curious, and critical audience built for new work at Ohio State.

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© 2021 All Rights Reserved.