Reimagining Black Mountain

Presented in three cycles on December 1, 2016.

In conjunction with Leap Before You Look at the Wexner Center for the Arts, students explored the pedagogical strategies deployed at Black Mountain College and built solo, collective, and participatory works that tangled with them.

As a culminating event as part of the Wexner Center for the Arts’ Leap Before You Lookexhibition of material from Black Mountain College, graduate and undergraduate students from Ohio State University Departments of Dance, English, and Theatre perform work generated in my fall course on Black Mountain College. Engaging with Black Mountain’s pedagogy and history, the performances grappled with the school’s legacy and impact while also providing participants with a hands-on experience of cross disciplinary experimentation.

Reimagining Black Mountain fused and overlapped solo, collective, and participatory works. It was performed in three cycles that ran: 4–4:45 PM, 5–5:45 PM, and 6–6:45 PM. At 7 PM, there was a Q&A with the Reimagining Black Mountain collaborators, along with a celebration with all faculty and students who undertook coursework pertaining to Black Mountain.

Photography of this event was welcomed and encouraged. #blackmountainNOW

Earlier in the year, I gave a commissioned lecture for the Wexner Center on Black Mountain and performance.

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© 2021 All Rights Reserved.