The Coast of Illyria

You men.
You have all the freedom you could take.
You geniuses charging about,
calling yourselves accursed,
calling yourselves lost.
You don’t want to be rescued.
You want to be pitied for your weaknesses,
excused of your indulgences,
exempted from your moral taxes.
You luxuriate in your debauchery in secret,
and when you confess it in public,
you are not deemed mad, no, but courageous!


When Mary Lamb returns home from an infamous London asylum, her younger brother Charles hopes all will return to normal in their own collaborations and in their friendships with a host of Romantic writers. Steeped in self-destruction, can they survive and thrive?

Based on actual events, this adaptation of Coast of Illyria by Dorothy Parker and Ross Evans asks: what’s Romantic about madness and addiction?


The Coast of Illyria was first produced at The Ohio State University’s Thurber Theatre in April 2016.


The Coast of Illyria was called “devastating” by the Columbus Underground, and “thoughtful and provocative” by The Columbus Dispatch.


The Coast of Illyria was adapted from the play by Dorothy Parker and Ross Evans by Jennifer Schlueter with Cece Bellomy. It was directed by Shilarna Stokes, with scenic design by Dan Gray, costumes by Rebekah Priebe, and lighting by Sarah Lawler.

© 2021 All Rights Reserved.
© 2021 All Rights Reserved.