On two evenings, sixteen graduate students from the Departments of Art, Creative Writing, Dance, and Theatre presented transdisciplinary time-based works of performance that engaged with power, the body, and  the present moment. I curated and mentored all works. 

Presented December 8 and 9, 2017 at the Urban Arts Space (Columbus, OH).

con·fes·sion·al /kənˈfeSH(ə)n(ə)l/

by Linnea Bond

  1. An enclosed stall in a church divided by a screen or curtain in which a priest sits to hear people confess their sins.
  2. An admission or acknowledgment that one has done something that one is ashamed or embarrassed about; a confession.

It’s hard to put your body on

by Gina Hoch-Stall

A participatory experiment based upon an ever-morphing relationship to physical topography. What happens when I lose track of my edges and barriers? How can your body help me discover my own, and vice versa?

Call Me America

by Joe Kopyt

Voice messages were solicited from self-identifying Americans via social media. Gallery attendees are encouraged to participate by calling as well. Prompted to “tell their story,” callers have three minutes, and are welcome to record as many messages as they’d like. In performance, Joe will hear and speak the recordings for the first time.


by Taylor Ross

I am filling a volume of time. I am doing this through repetitive and accumulative gesture. Is time itself an additive or subtractive process? Outside of our conventional language for tracking time, in what other ways is it recorded? Do those records matter?


by Matthew Verticchio



by Benito Lara

The gallery is already populated. Colonize it anyway. And then what happens?

Label Me

by Kahla Tisdale

A woman stands in the space. She is a blank canvas. What do you see when you look at her? Write it down. Enter the space. Place the label on her body. Exit the space. There will be a five-minute break at the end of each hour.

Motherhood: The Binds that Tie

by Adrienne Gibbons Oehler

Consider the invisible restraints that affect each of us. In this piece, simple household tasks are complicated by resistance created in the tension of the cording that connects the body to the ceiling.
Chores. Labor. Repetition. Duty.

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