Wanda, Daisy, and the Great Rapture

And I wondered if my whole life was gonna feel like this big joke, like fake turquoise. I know a lot of ya’ll know me from, um, my past, where I was maybe not the best person? But standing up here today, I realize all those bad feelings I had were leading me right here to this very second. To this moment. And inside this moment there’s me, and I’m good. I’m good in front of all of ya’ll, standing here while my heart busts right open.


It’s a sticky hot summer in the swamp lands of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Step-sisters Wanda and Daisy are used to people disappearing: their mother fled the hospital after a suicide attempt, and their sick father keeps running off to an imaginary town he thinks he’s the mayor of. Beneath a crumbling moon, the girls journey through their dark history in order to mend the broken family, and find the light. 


Written by Alexis Schaetzle
Directed and dramaturged by Jennifer Schlueter
Produced in workshop staging at Available Light Theatre’s Next Stage Initiative in January 2016.
Starring Damian Bowerman, Amanda Loch, Sue Wismar, and Cassidy Slaughter-Mason
Scenic Design by Brad Steinmetz
Lighting Design by Carrie Cox
Production managed by Sheree Greco

© 2021 All Rights Reserved.
© 2021 All Rights Reserved.