You Make Me Do This

I mentored and curated several evenings of performance art created by the nine students in the graduating MFA Acting Class of 2015. Presented January 17-30, 2015 at the Urban Arts Space (Columbus, OH).

Collectively, the pieces investigated compulsion, as a social, personal, and ethical phenomenon.

Pieces included:


Glutton for Punishment
by Camille Bullock

In this piece, Bullock explored the ways that we justify the effects of a disintegrating relationship. She makes the private public, and, by linking text messaging to binge eating, transforms delight into disgust.

by Sifiso Mazibuko

In this eight-hour durational piece, Mazibuko used the template of extreme athletic training to explore the triggering and interplay of male violence inherent in the actions of figures like O.J. Simpson and Oscar Pistorius. In finding out how far his body can go, Mazibuko aims to both critique and to comprehend.


by Patrick Wiabel

In this piece, Wiabel undertakes an experiment in revolution by addressing the moral vulnerability of his audience. He alienates his viewers, forcing them to choose to break the rules or declare themselves a bystander by remaining silent. In a time in need of new voices, new rules cannot be written until the old rules are broken.

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