My greatest strength as a teacher is getting my students to jump before they think they’re ready, to ask bold questions, and to capture that wild work in their art and scholarship.

My teaching credo is this: waiting for permission or for the right moment, waiting until we know enough or think we deserve it--these delays insulate us from the failures we will learn from and protect us from the risks we must take.

I’ve won several awards as a teacher, and I’ve been lucky enough to know quite a few great teachers who have shaped my approach. My pedagogy is informed by a blend of bell hooks and Paolo Friere and Liz Lerman and adrienne maree brown alongside the pragmatics of Therese Huston and James Lang.

My teaching is equally informed by the many teachers I have taught, been taught by, or taught alongside of including John Schmor, Elizabeth Wellman, Tom Postlewait, Ron Rybkowski, Karie Miller, Dionne Custer Edwards, Kelly Malec-Kosak, Danielle Julian Norton, Michael Kellner, Michelle Herman, and Aviva Neff. 

I’ll also say this: great teaching is founded on great curriculum design, and I am committed to the intentional scaffolding and formative assessments that make it possible for the collegiate classroom to truly be a space for the practice of freedom.

I regularly offer workshops in playwriting, adaptation, devising, and writing artist’s statements to high schools, colleges, and professional organizations. Contact me for more information.

Select graduate and undergraduate classes taught

  • NOW: Performance of the Last Decade
  • Multidisciplinary Seminar for Artists
  • Vice/Status/Play: American Culture and Popular Performance, 1820‐1920
  • Playwriting
  • Advanced Playwriting
  • Self/Stage: Solo Performance and Performance Art
  • #fergusontheatresyllabus
  • Mass Entertainment, Modernism, and the Rise of Realism
  • Devising
  • Manifesto: Theater Makers
  • Adaptation
  • Research Methods in Performance

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© 2020 All Rights Reserved.